Just want a place on the street where anyone will be able to stop by casually.
BEAR'S SUGAR SHACK's small pancakes were born with lots of wishes.

BEAR'S SUGAR SHACK is a new type specialty store of pancakes.
You will be able to enjoy our fresh and small pancakes with any topping you like.
Our pancakes are small, made with organic materials, and cheers us up.
Able to eat casually anywhere without choosing places, able to make your own one freely.
Around the corner in your town, we will deliver a relieve moment like a perch and a sweet aroma.


Want you to enjoy with a bit of speciality Such hope is made with in BEAR'S SUGAR SHACK's small pancakes .
  • Special1 メイプル

    Maple syrup from Canada

    Using maple syrup from Quebec, Canada. Has clreared a strict standard.The woody flavor in your first bite will make you happy.

  • Special2 バター

    Fermented Butter from Hokkaido

    We are using fermented butter from Hokkaido at the end when we bake our pancakes.By baking with butter, makes it soft and broughts out butter's aroma and flavor.

  • Special3 生地

    Original Dough

    Pancakes are small, though has presence. we pursued the best temperature of the hot plate, the best baking time, the most delicious way to bake our pancakes. Please enjoy our fresh, crispy and soft pancakes.

  • Special4 トッピング


    Put your favorite sauce on your fresh baked pancake. Choose freely your favorite icecream and colorful topping from the line up in front of you. You will be able to make your own original pancake.